One Simple Technique To Stop Losing Sales

You would probably be surprised how many people are persuaded to order your product or service, only to change their mind at the last second and not complete their order. If you look at the stats logs for your ‘order page’ you will realise that quite a few people get as far as your order page only to change their mind and not order from you at the last minute.

They might not have ordered for a variety of reasons:

They might be having second thoughts
Perhaps they were interrupted
They might have misplaced their credit card for the moment
The only thing you know for sure is that they were so close to closing the deal with you.

The secret to recovering some of these lost orders is to find out who these “close but not quite” visitors are. This can be done by putting up a pre-order catcher technique in place.

What Is A Pre-Order Catcher?

When someone clicks the “Buy Now” or the order link to make a purchase, they are not taken straight to the order page. Instead they land on a pre-order page. This pre-order page informs them of the main benefits of investing in the product. The pre-order page then asks for their first name and email address of where any further information about where any purchase information is to be sent. Once they enter their name and email address, and press continue they are then sent to the secure credit card information screen to finish placing their order.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the pre-order page sends their name and email address to an auto-responder which is programmed with one message only. This message is a “pre-welcome” message about their purchase. This email does the following:

Reinforces their good decision to order
Offers assistance in the event they tried to order but it didn’t make it through
Restates some of the benefits of ordering
Includes a testimonial or two
Includes the order link again just in case they need it
Note: this is the only message that is sent out to these people. They are not put into an auto-responder sequence of any kind.

For those customers who have ordered by the time they read this email, it simply thanks them as a customer and reinforces their smart decision to purchase. Anyone who didn’t actually successfully complete their order gets the same email. For them, the email acts as a another opportunity to order from you – a very little extra nudge.

This pre-order page technique has proven to be very effective on some sites. You may want to see if you can apply this technique to your site. As always, track your results. I bet you may be pleasantly surprised.

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